Winter of Code 2017


Winter of Code is an initiaitive by SDS which is focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work on a one month programming project with a mentor during their winter break.

Students are expected to come up with a proposal of what they want to do during the programme. Students can either collaborate with MDG on their existing projects or they can come up with their own ideas and work on them. The submitted proposals will be evaluated and students will be selected based on the proposal and student profile. Selected students will be mentored by MDG on a one month long exhilirating journey of converting Caffeine to Code.

Details of the program

The programme will begin with the submissions of student proposals. After careful evaluation of all the proposals, few students will be selected for the projects. The selected students will work on their proposals for the entire month of December. They will be guided by mentors from MDG and their work will be evaluated periodically. Given below are the important dates for the programme.

Registration Link :

Deadline for proposal : 11:59 PM, 30 November, 2017

Project timeline : 3 December - 30 December (4 weeks)

Types of Proposals

1. Existing MDG Projects : Students wishing to collaborate with MDG on their existing projects can choose from any of the projects given below. Before submitting proposals for contributing to one of the existing projects, take a detailed analysis of the project. Go through their Github repos and take a look at their READMEs and Contributing guides. After choosing the project, students have to submit their proposal stating the strategy and timeline which they will be following during the programme to implement the TODOs as per project requirements mentioned in the READMEs. Students can also suggest any new changes or features(optional) which they wish to include in the project. To get an understanding of how proposals are to be drafted, take a look at this blog or take a look at this original GSOC proposal by one of our members.

2. Proposed apps by students : Students can submit their own unique ideas on which they would like to work in the program. While submitting their ideas, students should keep in mind that their ideas should be feasible and genuine. They are also expected to avoid casual and easy stuff such as alarms and calculators in their ideas.

Our Projects

FLASTO (FLoating ASsistive TOuch)

This project will consist of a standalone android library implementing various features of floating heads (eg: messenger chat head). This library targets those developers who wish to include messenger like features viz chat heads, running foreground tasks , can be accommodated in music players, providing easy and beautiful navigation etc giving programmers the ease of customisation without having to code difficult aspects themselves.

For instance, consider the example of a Notes application. When the application is minimised a chat head will pop up at the side and while doing other work (for eg reading an article), quick notes can be taken by tapping on chat heads. This is a great example of FLASTO integration in different apps. To know more, visit our github repo.


Trianglify demo is an application that allows users to generate and save triangle arts. This application is based on the trianglify library developed by MDG. This app will allow users to automatically generate and set wallpapers based on their settings. The main aim would be to improve the quality of generated images and allow the user to change dimensions of the generated images. To know more, visit our github repo


Calling-Text is a mobile application which helps you attach a message/gif with your call so that the receiver can know why you were calling. Calling Text will completely transform your mobile phone experience with a smarter set of features that will improve your daily life. To know more, see the video or visit our github repo.

So guys, grab your cup of coffee and prepare yourself for a month long journey of writing beautiful software.

We new friends!