Droid Wars

Problem Statement

With crime in Gotham continuously on the rise, Batman is worried that his Utility Belt may not be enough anymore. So he needs you to create a “Bat-App” for him that will help him in his endeavours. He needs to maintain a record of all the wrongdoers spreading havoc in his city. This app should have the following screens :

  • Home Screen This screen has 2 buttons - New record and View Records. Clicking on New record opens up a screen to create a new record and clicking on view existing records opens a list of records stored.

  • New Record When the user clicks on the new record button he will be taken to a new screen which will have a form asking the user for various inputs like criminal’s name , age , gender , crimes and last known/seen location. There will also be a button to save these records in a database..

  • View Records This screen will consist of a list of all the records stored locally. On clicking any item, the details of that particular criminal must be shown in the Details Screen

  • Details Here is where the details of criminals that are stored in the database must be shown.

Bonus Points For

  • Elegant User Interface
  • If images of each criminal are stored and displayed
  • Clicking on the last known location shows it on a map. You can take the latitude & longitude of the location from the user at the time of filling a new entry. A better option can be to just open the map, let the user pinpoint the location and save the latitude & longitude of that location. ( Refer Maps SDK for Android, Google Maps Android API v2 - Tutorial )

Points to Remember

  • Submit your entries latest by 20th January, 2015 to sdsmobilelabs@gmail.com. Your submission must include the zip file containing the source code and the apk file. Remember to write your name and contact information in the mail.
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